Impostor Cities

Canada's representation for the 2020 Venice Biennale in Architecture. Presented by T B A + David Theodore. 

Canada's architecture is film-famous but rarely are Canadian cities the settings in films. Why are Canada’s buildings so good at posing as elsewhere at the cinema? Impostor Cities is an exhibition that explores how Canadian cities double as other places on screen. Citizens of the world know about Canada’s architecture not only because they visit our cities and enjoy our buildings, but because they watch film and television. But unlike Paris, New York, London, or Rio de Janeiro, our cities are rarely the settings for popular shows. Instead, filmmakers and television producers turn Canadian locations into impostors. As the communications manager, Sarah’s work involves building excitement around the project; conducting media outreach, managing the creation and development of digital platforms and overseeing the documentation of the project through the development of a print publication and content pieces.

Red Bull 

As the Canadian music editor and content producer, Sarah's work involves managing video and written editorial for and @RedBullMusic’s social handles, from conception to distribution. Her projects range from music videos to docu-series, featuring artists like Rhye, Jazz Cartier, BADBADNOTGOOD, Charlotte Day Wilson, Majid Jordan, Pierre Kwenders, Scott Storch and much more.

Charlotte Day Wilson: Doubt
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Image courtesy of InfoPresse

Image courtesy of InfoPresse

Red Bull Music Academy Montréal

#RBMAMTL: A global celebration of musical creativity held in Montreal over the course of six weeks. The Phi Centre was reimagined into a multi-floor complex equipped with music studios, a lecture hall and contemporary art installations. The Academy itself splits into two semesters – each catering to 35 international beatmakers, musicians and composers from different backgrounds. The program included a lecture series from a variety of world-renown artists and creatives (Björk, Win Butler, Kaytranada) and a solid lineup of events open to the public, ranging from a public lecture with punk icon Iggy Pop to celestial musical explorations with Pauline Oliveros & Joan La Babara at the Montréal Planetarium.

As the Social Media Specialist, Sarah provided event coverage and production of large-scale social activations (Facebook Lives, Twitter Q&As, etc). She was also responsible for producing original content (social videos and photo essays) that were disseminated on the Red Bull Music Academy website


Immigration answers at your fingertips - Botler is a Montréal-based start up interested in supporting the immigration process through the use of emotionally enhanced artificial intelligence.

On top of being refreshingly humanistic in their approach, this start-up is the recipient of the 2016 FounderFuel's StartupFest award. Sarah put together a content and social media strategy to support Botler's initial launch, which is in execution as we speak. Be sure to follow them on Instagram!

In the Mouth x Food Loves Tech, NYC

In the Mouth is a series of experimental food events where storytelling and taste are one and the same. 

For the project's NYC debut, Sarah led social media promotion and coordination leading up to the event.  The event itself was super successful – the dinner sold out to a diverse audience beyond foodies and tech lovers.

Check out LaPresse's take on the event. 

C2 Montréal

Imagined by Sid Lee and Cirque du Soleil, C2 is an international immersive three-day event that celebrates creativity and commerce through world-renowned speakers, interactive exhibits and collaborative workshops.

In collaborating with f.&co and Nexalogy Environics, Sarah handled community management for C2 Montréal surrounding it's 5th edition. My role as Community Manager involved managing an engaged online community of over 25,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Additionally, Sarah worked with C2 to develop and execute a social media content strategy and was responsible for the creation and maintenance of the editorial calendar.

C2 Montréal 2015: For the conference’s 2015 edition, Sarah assisted in the development of the social media strategy and oversaw a team of 12 social media volunteers. Impressions generated from the official accounts (Facebook & Twitter) tripled compared to their 2014 edition.

Creative Mornings/Montréal

Creative Mornings is a monthly breakfast lecture series. With over 150 chapters in the world, the Montréal community (launched in May 2013) is the largest after NYC, the organization's birthplace. From designers to marketing directors, each event attracts diverse members of Montréal's creative community. 

As Community Manager and Content Strategist, Sarah worked with growing and sustaining the digital community that extends beyond the monthly events. Through curating & creating content, organizing contests and facilitating collaborations with local artists, she increased social following and engagement by 25% over the span of a year. One of the best things about CreativeMornings? They share all of the lectures for anyone to watch, for free. Check them out here

Group shot from the 2014 Creative Mornings summit at HQ in NYC

Group shot from the 2014 Creative Mornings summit at HQ in NYC

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages' Smart Tips is a platform that provides the public with resources for everyday needs.

The challenge: a large handful of content is published on the website daily. YPG needed to form a clear strategy on how to distribute these articles across social platforms.

In collaboration with social intelligence startup Nexalogy Environics, Sarah developed this strategy by analyzed data from NexaMaster. 


Musical Swings US Tour 2016

The Swings: An Exercise in Cooperation is an interactive public art installation created by Daily tous les jours. Supported by the Knight Foundation, The Swings have visited four American cities in 2016 – West Palm Beach, Detroit, NYC and San Jose. 

A winner of the IXD awards for 'Best in Show' and praised by a variety of mainstream media & design publications (including Fast Company, Creator's Project and designboom), the project has received international recognition and has earned a proven track record for positively impacting public spaces.

As Marketing Manager, Sarah was responsible for the development of 'The Swings' brand as well as the digital promotion behind the tour. She planned and executed content (including the creation of the website, managed social media and provided media outreach both at the local and global level. In addition to coordinating marketing efforts with a handful of private and public organizations, she represented the design studio at media events and contributed to the development of a documentary in the works that is following the installation on tour. Sarah also contributed to a panel and workshop focused on collaboration in urban public spaces held at SxSW Eco 2016. 

Memorama by Montréal-based design studio, Daily tous les jours

Memorama by Montréal-based design studio, Daily tous les jours

Infinite City

A label offering a range of medium and large-scale urban interventions, Infinite City‘s vision is to enchant and engage. Their portfolio contains a curated selection of installations and events that have demonstrated their ability to create positive interactions amongst the public.

Sarah's work with Infinite City involved managing a portfolio of touring public art installations. In short, she helped circulated these projects by facilitating communications between cities, museums, cultural institutions and festivals for circulation. Her biggest success story: coordinating the 2016 US tour of 'The Swings: An Exercise in Cooperation'. 

In the Mouth

A Montréal-based project, In the Mouth is a series of experimental culinary events – from unique suppers to living food exhibits you can eat. Created by Nicolas Fonseca, the project premiered at the Phi Centre in the fall of 2014. 

To support the creation of the project, Sarah assisted in the development and maintenance of social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. In addition to developing the content strategy and managing the editorial calendar, she designed and wrote copy for weekly newsletters and created original content on the In the Mouth blog. She also worked with local influencers to boost the project's local reach. Bonus: this was the perfect oppurtunity to perfect my food styling skills!  

Cheap Thrills

Established in 1971, Cheap Thrills is Montreal’s original used record and bookshop.

Fast forward to 2016.

The shop is still standing – now offering a highly curated selection of vinyl and an impressive book collection from literature and philosophy to contemporary art. From 2011 to 2017, Sarah contributed to the everyday functionalities of the business, facilitating communications to clients, distributors, record labels and local event promoters. She assised in promotional activities (social media, event promotion) and contribute to the buying of inventory.