Sarah Mackenzie
Director, Producer, Strategist

Impostor Cities
international art exhibition
role ︎ communications manager + digital storyteller

Canada's representation for the 2021 Venice Biennale in Architecture. Presented by T B A + David Theodore. 

Canada's architecture is film-famous but rarely are Canadian cities the settings in films. Why are Canada’s buildings so good at posing as elsewhere at the cinema? Impostor Cities is an exhibition that explores how Canadian cities double as other places on screen. Citizens of the world know about Canada’s architecture not only because they visit our cities and enjoy our buildings, but because they watch film and television. But unlike Paris, New York, London, or Rio de Janeiro, our cities are rarely the settings for popular shows. Instead, filmmakers and television producers turn Canadian locations into impostors. As the communications manager and digital storyteller, Sarah’s work involves building awareness and excitement around the project. Such as, conducting media outreach, managing the creation and development of their digital platforms, and overseeing the documentation of the project through the production of a print publication and digital content pieces.

Impostor Cities has been featured in The New York Times, Domus, The Globe and Mail, Canadian Architect, and many more.