Sarah Mackenzie (she/her) is a creative producer and music journalist with a background working in different fields of media and advertising. Specializing in storytelling within the realms of social impact, art, and technology, she is a cultural enthusiast at the core.

From documentary to commercial projects, Sarah is constantly seeking new ways to innovate and bring stories to life onscreen. Most recently, she oversaw Canadian content production for Red Bull Media House, where she spearheaded all stages of video production across 20+ channels — projects included documentaries, music videos, livestreams, advertising campaigns, and more. A conduit between ideation and execution, her diverse marketing experience and passion for journalism have armed her with the skills to be both a content strategist and producer.

As a marketer, Sarah has over eight years of experience working with global brands and agencies to help design and execute social media and content plans. As a journalist, Sarah has been behind the camera directing and producing unscripted and documentary-style content. In front of the camera, she’s conducted live interviews with musicians and athletes for festivals and brand activations. 
Sarah is also a key collaborator of Impostor Cities, Canada’s official representation at the 2021 Venice Biennale in Architecture.

Past and present clients include Red Bull, CBC MusicMUTEK, Danone, AsahiKijiji, C2 Montreal, What’s Really Good Studios, T B A Architecture & Design, Daily tous les jours, Red Bull Music Academy, Outside Music, and more.

She is currently based in both Montreal and Toronto and is available for freelance + work inquiries.

Get in touch at hello@smackenzie.ca