Sarah Mackenzie
Director, Producer, Strategist

Musical Swings
international public art installation
︎ digital storyteller + marketing manager

The Swings: An Exercise in Cooperation is an interactive public art installation created by Daily tous les jours. Supported by the Knight Foundation, The Swings visited four American cities in 2016 – West Palm Beach, Detroit, NYC and San Jose. A winner of the IXD awards for 'Best in Show' and praised by a variety of mainstream media & design publications (including Fast Company, Creator's Project and designboom), the project has received international recognition and has earned a proven track record for positively impacting public spaces.

As the digital storyteller and marketing manager for the US tour, Sarah was responsible for the development of 'The Swings' brand as well as all digital promotion. She planned and executed content (including the creation of the website, managed social media platforms, and provided media outreach both at the local and global level. In addition to coordinating marketing efforts with a handful of private and public organizations, Sarah represented the design studio at major media events and contributed to the development of a documentary that follows the installation on tour. Sarah also pitched and designed a panel focused on collaboration in urban public spaces held at SxSW Eco 2016. 

The project received coverage from Oprah Winfrey, VICE, Fast Company, USA Today, Colossal, and many more.