Sarah Mackenzie
Director, Producer, Strategist

Red Bull Music: Spaces
role ︎ producer

Spaces is a docu-series for Red Bull Music exploring how musicians, producers, label heads, and show promoters utilize spaces to hone their craft. Sarah helped develop the concept, and was responsible for its dissimenation across Red Bull Music’s digital platforms. 

Episode 1 - Vancouver: The vistas surrounding Vancouver, Canada often draw attention up and out of the city, but if you look within, there's a thriving DIY scene. Vancouver’s art community is constantly under threat at the hand of the city's real estate market, making it hard for artists to find spaces to rehearse, record or perform in, or even to live. Techno duo Minimal Violence, broadcaster at online radio station No Fun Radio and founder of Pacific Rhythm DJ D.DEE and rising singer-songwriter Prado take us on a tour of the spaces within city limits they’ve claimed as their own.

Episode 2 - Montréal: Montréal has long been a place where many realities have had to negotiate coexistence together in the same place, a fact that is etched onto every multilingual sign, and threaded into the daily interactions of strangers. As a result, there’s a history of reclaimed factories and loft spaces across the city, converted into rehearsal spots, studios and venues. These locations give artists places to live, work and play as the neighbourhoods around them change. Arbutus Records label boss Sebastian Cowan, party collective Moonshine co-founder Pierre Kwenders and singer-songwriter Elle Barbara showcase the significant, yet different relationships with the spaces in Montréal that they are connected to.

Director: Johnny Hockin 
Producer: Johnny Hockin, Sarah Mackenzie
Cinematographers: Jon Hunwick, Bruno Destombes 
Key Grip: Nicolas Lesage  
Post-Production: Jon Hunwick/Magnafire Media