Sarah Mackenzie
Director, Producer, Strategist

Tess Roby: Ideas of Space
music video
role ︎ producer

Tess Roby’s explorative brand of electronic music is unique and visionary. Born in Toronto and now based in Montreal, Roby is a classically trained musician and photographer. On her sophomore album, Ideas of Space, Roby acts as songwriter, producer, musician; and the album will be released on her own label, SSURROUNDSS. Her songs ride the lines between pop, ambient and alternative folk structures, with emphasis on voice as instrument. Her lyrics drift between dreams and memories, and are brought to life by the rich intimacy of her voice. Circling loops of synth rise alongside interweaving vocal patterns, effortlessly creating minimal yet complex soundscapes. The fittingly cinematic visual that features Roby lost and wandering the forest near the Quebec coast in a white frock.

Director and Artist: Tess Roby
Producer: Sarah Mackenzie
Directors of Photography: Patrick Boivin & George Allister, VideoCompany
Editors: Patrick Boivin & George Allister, VideoCompany
Titles: Hugo Bernier
Special thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts, City of Stanstead, Jo, Susan & Keith