Sarah Mackenzie
Director, Producer, Strategist

TiKA: Soothing Love
music video
role ︎ producer

TiKA is a singer-songwriter, actress, composer, and activist based in Montreal. Soothing Love, the second single off her debut album, “Anywhere But Here,” tells the story of a woman exploring an acquatic fantasy as she navigates the sensuality of love. Directed by the prolific and internationally-renowned Naska Demini, the video stars TiKA, singer-songwriter Elle Barbara, Nomadic Massive’s Tali Taliwah, and Tina Mpondani.

Artist: TiKA
Mermaids: TiKA, Elle Barbara, Tali Taliwah
Muse: Tina Mpondani
Cinematographer: Olly Evergreen
Producer: Sarah Mackenzie
Costume Designer: Sophia Granziani
Stylist: Sophie "Herflysoul" Merlin
Hair Stylist: Will Duny
Makeup Artist: Cyber
Key Grip: Ayodele Mzilikazi
Production Assistants: Serena McMahon, AJ Saludo, Quarry Whyne, Dezzedin
Production: Studio Espace Gris