Sarah Mackenzie
Director, Producer, Strategist

Playing With: Arp 2600
short documentary
︎ producer

Playing With is a muic gear tutorial series that Sarah assisted in conceptualizing for Red Bull Music Academy. In this episode, M. Salaciak and Text Chunk attempt to recreate the voice of R2-D2 using the Arp 2600, the same synthesizer used in Star Wars movies to give the robot its distinguishable vocal chirps. Filmed at Studio Bell’s National Music Center in Calgary, Alberta during the Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp 2019.

In addition to production, Sarah oversaw the strategy of how the content should be distributed across Red Bull’s digital platforms, and created cutdowns for social media tailored for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Director: Johnny Hockin
Cinematography:  Johnny Hockin, refusedbylight
Producer: Sarah Mackenzie, Johnny Hockin 
Editior: Johnny Hockin
Photography: Mike Tan 
Artists: M. Salaciak, Text Chunk