Sarah Mackenzie
Director, Producer, Strategist

C2 Montréal
international business + creativity conference 
︎ social media + content strategist

Imagined by Sid Lee and Cirque du Soleil, C2 Montréal is an international immersive three-day event that celebrates creativity and commerce through world-renowned speakers, interactive exhibits, and collaborative workshops.

Sarah handled community management for C2 Montréal surrounding its 5th edition. She assisted in the development of the conference’s year-round social media strategy, and oversaw a team of 12 social media volunteers. Impressions generated from the official accounts (Facebook & Twitter) tripled compared to their 2014 edition. Her role as a social media and content strategist involved managing an engaged online community of a combined 100K followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Additionally, she worked with C2 to develop and execute a content strategy and was responsible for the creation and maintenance of the editorial calendar from winter 2014-2016.