Sarah Mackenzie
Director, Producer, Strategist

Playing With: TONTO
short documentary
︎ producer

Playing With is a muic gear tutorial series that Sarah assisted in conceptualizing for Red Bull Music Academy. Created by Malcolm Cecil and Robert Margouleff in the late 1960s, TONTO was used on recordings for Stevie Wonder and Gil Scott-Heron and in 2013 was acquired by and moved to the National Music Center in Calgary, Alberta where this session was filmed during the Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp Calgary 2019. Canadian artists softcoresoft, Debby Friday and Korea Town Acid try their hands at using The Original New Timbral Orchestra, TONTO, the first and largest multitimbral polyphonic analog synthesizer in the world...

In addition to production, Sarah oversaw the strategy of how the content should be distributed across Red Bull’s digital platforms, and created cutdowns for social media tailored for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Director: Johnny Hockin
Cinematography:  Johnny Hockin, refusedbylight
Producer: Sarah Mackenzie, Johnny Hockin 
Editior: Johnny Hockin
Photography: Mike Tan 
Artists: softcoresoft, Debby Friday, Korea Town Acid