Sarah Mackenzie
Director, Producer, Strategist

Mind Bath: Flower Tattoo
music video
role ︎ producer

Montreal is not chiefly recognized for its R&B scene, yet a new generation of prolific and talented songwriters are emerging. Listen to heart-on-sleeve balladeer Mind Bath performs his sensual single Flower Tattoo like never heard before, live, and accompanied by bedroom electro-pop vocalist Forever, electronic music producer and multi-instrumentalist Ouri, local favourite Victor Bongiovanni and adept guitarist Elijah Mansevani.

Director: Cameron Roden
Cinematographer: James Arthurs
Producer: Sarah Mackenzie  
Editior: Cameron Roden
Sound Recordist: Rhoda
Photograper: Bruno Destombes
Artists: Mind Bath, Forever, Ouri, Victor Bongiovanni and Elijah Mansevani