Sarah Mackenzie
Director, Producer, Strategist

art & technology symposium
role ︎ creative director, curator

The MUTEK Forum is a marketplace of ideas that brings together artists and industry experts in digital culture to explore the most innovative artistic practices, while stimulating reflection on the ethical and political issues related to technology. 

MUTEK Forum 2023 (August 22-25) followed the theme Future Currents, featuring a carefully curated program of thought-provoking keynotes, performative presentations, interactive panels as well as workshops and masterclasses that examine our technological futures and the role of digital creativity within them. Each day of the Forum investigated innovation belonging to a specific track of digital creativity, ranging from digital creation & curation to artificial intelligence (AI), extended reality (XR), and electronic music. These explorations will flow towards a new horizon of digital creation while simultaneously navigating the backdraught of tensions that come with innovation, from the heedless rise of technological development to issues of inaccessibility. Sarah collaborated with Water & Music, National Film Board of Canada, Keychange, Goethe Institut, Ableton, Eastern Bloc and more to build a program of 41 activities involving 85 media arts experts. See the full program here

1% of all proceeds from the festival were given to EarthPercent, Brian Eno’s climate emergency charity. 

In 2023, MUTEK Forum won the Vivats Grand Prize, which recognizes eco-responsible events in Québec.